Best Phones Of 2021


Vivo V20 is among the newest smartphones of the future that was introduced in September 2021. The phone from Vivo weighs aroundauspiciously around 170 grams and measures exactly everywhere, including the corners. In fact, there are even spots where the phone’s edges curve away slightly from the body. The phone comes with an oversized, yet sleek and handy fingerprint sensor on its home button, a first for any smartphone.

The camera on the vivo v20 is an impressively large one. It features two cameras, one with an optical lens and one with a laser lens. With a dual camera setup on the vivo v20, vivo v20 you can take better pictures. The battery of the vivo v20 can also boast of being extremely long lasting, and can make you enjoy up to two full hours of talk time on a single charge. It boasts of having up to six hours of battery life and you do not have to wait for the phone to charge in between calls or even wait for your charger to warm up after using it.

The Vivo smartphone comes with software that allows you to do several things, like posting, sharing and receiving emails and viewing pictures. To add to that, the handset also includes an intuitive and fun user interface, which lets you perform all of these functions with just a single tap. When it comes to selfies, the vivo v20 allows you to take a photo of yourself in just about any pose you want. You can do so by either snapping the screen or by simply moving the camera arm around while you place your face in the viewfinder and then snap the photo.

With an impressive pair of cameras, the vivo v20 gives you the chance to capture all kinds of unique and wonderful shots. For example, you can do so by flipping the switch on the front to enable a low light mode, and by pressing on the camera icon to activate the monochrome mode. You can even make the most of the dual cameras by enabling both the primary and secondary cameras on the handset, and then taking the pictures automatically in either the normal or clear mode. There are even some extra modes for fun such as the Night mode, which snaps the images in a nighttime scene.

One interesting feature of the vivo V20 is the built in visual processing unit. This allows the phone to perform basic tasks such as browsing the web, watching movies and playing games with the full touch screen experience. In addition, it offers you excellent battery life, which is further enhanced by the Quick Charge feature. With Quick Charge, the battery life can be increased by quickly removing the battery from the device. You can further increase the battery life by avoiding prolonged workout when the charge is low.

The vivo V20 gives you a remarkable blend of convenience and powerful features. The slim design helps to balance the bulk of the smartphone. The dual camera module allows for easy identification of pictures. The innovative Quick Charge technology enables the user to utilize the power in the shortest time possible. And the excellent connectivity options and extensive memory space ensure that you always have plenty of storage space for your data. To enjoy the ultimate entertainment value out of your smartphone, the vivid and colorful screens are an excellent choice.

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