Renovate Bathrooms For A Quick Sale


One of the most utilized rooms in any home is the main bathroom. It is also one of the rooms that is most susceptible to wear and tear. Due to the amount of steam and water that is used in a bathroom it is a room that has to deal with more moisture than any other in the home. Hence, it can be subject to mold & mildew and can destroy wallpaper. As the fixtures are used repeatedly on a daily basis they can also wear down quickly. Renovating the bathroom before a sale is a great way to generate buyer interest and add value to your home sale.

One truth about real estate is that buyers like to see new stuff. No matter what it is, or where it is in the home buyers like new things. It help to impress on them, the value of the home and property. So let’s have a look at the average bathroom renovation. The first question is “what are you going to replace?” For the sake of this example we will assume that everything is to be replaced with new items. First; take some time to plan the layout of the new bathroom. Decide if things will be going in the same spot or if a different configuration is in order. Totalrenovering av baderom Once you have the plans ready to go, you can proceed to the nearest bathroom showcase store and start picking out your new fixtures. You will want to try to create a real theme for the room. As one of the smaller rooms in a home it is not a place to be mix and matching. Everything should flow nicely with clean and simple lines.

Perhaps the biggest choice that you will have to make in a bathroom is color. Tubs and toilets are fairly utilitarian devices, unless you choose to go with more designer or heritage themed items. These things can add real value to a room. Jetted and claw foot tubs are both enormously popular and add an air of luxury to a bathroom. Another thing you will have to consider is storage. If you have chosen to go with a pedestal sink and no counters then storage will be a bit more tricky. This can be combated by the use of a medicine cabinet and intelligently laid out shelving. also make sure that you choose a good long-lasting floor surface. tile or linoleum is a good choice as they are also water resistant. Carpet or laminate is not a great idea as they both can be easily damaged by moisture.

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