The Solder’s Function and Its Work


Electronic device becomes the part of our daily live. You use the devices carefully with the intention you can use it for longer time. However, the incident cannot be avoided in our daily life. Sometimes your pet bites your device’s cable and the wire gets broken. You can fix your wire by yourself with the solder.

The definition of the solder itself is the material which you can use to bond the parts of the metal. You may find out that it is commonly used to join the component of the electronic together. You may also use it in the plumbing, usually for sealing the metal pipes. The electronic solder consists of the iron, lead, and flux. For the plumbing solder itself, consists of the metal and flux. Nowadays, the plumbing solder has used the solder which is lead free to protect the environment and keep the users healthy.

Solder Paste In the market, you may see the solder in the long thread shape. It is rolled in a loop around the spool. If you save it in the room with the right temperature, you can bend it easily. To make the solder works, you may need to use the soldering iron to the solder and the flux. You should mix the flux with some drops of the water to get the flux paste before you can apply it to the wire. When the flux paste is met with the soldering iron, it will bubble and burn off. The flux will be able to take the rust away.

If you use the solder in the plumbing process, you will experience the same process. You need to clean the connector of the pipe. The next process is you can apply the flux paste and you can heat them with the soldering iron. If you see the paste has boiled, you can apply the solder. It then will seal the joint.

The flux has some purposes. If you use it in electronic devices, you will get good electrical connection since it cleans the components from the oxidization. It also burn off the rust which is created with the leads. While in the plumbing process, you may get the stronger bond. The flux paste takes away the impurities and makes the solder connects stronger to the pipes.

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