5 Reasons to Choose an Inkjet Printer


When you go onto a site looking for printers it seems there are thousands of types to choose from. For most people, and home businesses, inkjet printers work the best: they are the most economical and practical choice to make. Here are several reasons why most people should choose an inkjet printer.

Inkjet printers are cheap

Gone are the days of the £250 and £300 printer for a standard inkjet. If you want a printer for personal use and small business use, you can often find an inkjet for under £100 and on sale for closer to £50. This alone makes inkjets very attractive to most people. Inkjet printers often come in combination with other office machines which make them even more useful. And all at a reasonable price.

Integrated networking

Inkjet printers that are Wi-Fi capable serve many useful purposes. If you have more than one computer in your home or office, they can all run on the same inkjet printer. This saves money on per printer costs, cartridge costs and more. Inkjets are very commonly Bluetooth and/or WiFi enabled. Inkjet printers run well and accurately for networking solutions.

Documentation and photos

For small business and personal use, inkjet printers are perfect. They can handle black and white documents as well as industrial inkjet printer colour projects and photos. Since few people use their computer for one or the other, having the capability to do both well is important. Inkjet printers are designed for that very purpose. Since many people use the same printer for business and home use, the inkjet is the most popular. Getting the right printer for the right job can not only save you money, it can make you money!

Reputable brands

Some of the most reputable brands in printers cater to inkjet printer users. This means if you have a problem with your printer, you are not out in the cold. They offer support and normally warranties for your inkjet printer. Some good inkjet brands are HP, Dell and Lexmark. There are others as well, but the three listed seem to have fewer problem calls than the others on inkjet printers.

Quality and professionalism

Last, but certainly not least is the fact that inkjets produce excellent quality documents, business cards, banners and graphics. Since these are primarily the services that home printers and small business printers need to produce, it is only natural that inkjet is the most popular choice.

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